Coverage You Can Expect From Pet Liability Insurance

dog liability insurance in Florida

If you own a dog, you need pet liability coverage. Your dog liability insurance in Florida can cover the exorbitant costs of legal fees and damages awarded if your dog happens to attack or bite someone. It can also cover any additional insureds that you add to your policy.

Pet liability insurance covers a wide variety of acts committed by your canine friend. If your dog bites or scratches a person or causes bodily harm to another animal, you may be sued. Dog liability insurance handles the legal fees for claims made against your pet. It also may cover the medical or vet bills to take care of injuries your pet causes. If your landlord or employer is added to your policy, they are covered as well. Most rental or home insurance policies don’t cover acts of pets, so it’s important to purchase additional coverage.

Out-of-pocket costs for a dog attack can be expensive. Responsible dog owners know that proper training is not enough. No matter how well an animal is trained to withstand stresses, accidents occasionally happen. When they do, dog liability insurance in Florida can protect everyone involved. It protects the owner and additional insureds from expenses, and it give the victims of the attack the resources to be made whole again.