Cyber Risk and Medical Records in Nursing Home Systems

Cyber Risk and Medical Records in Nursing Home Systems

In the wake of numerous online data breaches, one target group that may be being overlooked is nursing home residents. Its hard not to imagine just how vulnerable people living in nursing homes are for cyber risk. After all, its getting increasingly more difficult to keep healthcare records secure due to what is now the enormous amount of online medical records and billing systems in place.

Many different types of facilities and businesses use the Internet to service and update software. Unfortunately, hackers can break into these systems and easily access nursing home documents. For example, if a cyber thief is able to access an administrators passwords, theyll then be able to gain access to the network of healthcare records and install software to capture medical record passwords.

Nursing homes require stricter security measures

The fact of the matter is that the security currently in place at many healthcare facilities is inadequate and therefore ill equipped to combat cyber theft or keep up with the number of attacks constantly occurring throughout the US. Cyber security is a somewhat relatively new field that is slowly evolving and creating ways to deal with this very serious issue. Hopefully the situation will be less of a concern as more advancement is made to deal with the problems caused by cyber criminals.

Medical data privacy is a major concern and something that needs to be strictly controlled for the simple reason that healthcare records are extraordinarily sensitive. Thieves realize the value of having this information and knowingly sell stolen medical records for profit. Credit card information illegally obtained can go for around $20 per card. Healthcare records are much more valuable because more fraud can be committed with this information, like taking advantage of Medicare and prescription accounts.

Another way to help resolve your clients issues with this type of identity theft is by suggesting that those family members with loved ones in nursing homes stay on top of the records of residents. If they notice any suspicious activity it should be reported to the nursing home administrators right away. Our nations elderly have enough to worry about without the added threat associated with this kind of cyber risk.