Data Recovery and Protection

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You depend on your computer for many things, from storing memorable pictures and family videos to doing your taxes or managing your business. We know your machine holds a lot of precious, delicate and critical information. What will happen one day if you find yourself in a technological crisis, with a bright blue screen or a frozen system?

Thats where we come in.Bring your affected equipment into the B. A. N. I. Technology! If stuck or confined we will come to take your equipment. Our elite tech-savvy Technicians will do a basic checkup first to ensure that your data actually CAN be retrieved (which is the case, more than 99% of the time).

Some other things to know about B. A. N. I. Technology! Professional Data Recovery service are:

  • The primary assessment cost at the store or at pick up is $29.99.
  • As data recovery can be a sticky and difficult process, the actual price of recovery starts at $165.99 but depends on the difficulty or severity of issues found.
  • Because we want to be complete and thorough in our recovery, timing may vary, but our Technicians will be in contact with you throughout the process to ensure you are well informed.
  • B. A. N. I. Technology! Can overall recover data on PCs, external hard drives, disks, tapes, CDs, or photo memory cards.