How to Detect Employee Theft

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Detecting employee theft is not always easy. Employees who want to steal from you aren’t going to do it openly. They will be sneaky and hide their actions. However, filing a commercial crime insurance claim to cover a dishonest employee is not something you want to do, so you are much better off monitoring employees and stopping theft before it occurs.

Stay Vigilant

One of the best ways to spot an employee who is involved in theft is to just stay vigilant and pay attention to how your employees are acting. An employee who is stealing from your company will usually act differently. They may seem distracted or secretive. You may also notice their spending habits have changed, too. Some employees who are stealing may never want to take a vacation or insist on working late all the time.

Pay Attention to Accounts

You should also keep an eye on your accounts. Petty cash that is coming up missing is a good sign there is an issue. Accounts that aren’t balancing are another one. You should be checking and reconciling accounts at least once a month to watch for unusual activity.

Detecting employee theft isn’t something that is always easy to do. An employee who is stealing will do so carefully and try to make it undetectable. However, if you stay alert and keep an eye on your accounts, then you may be able to catch things before they go as far as having to make a commercial crime insurance claim.