The Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance

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When purchasing auto insurance in Delaware, there are two specific types of optional policies you can buy to cover repairs to your vehicle collision and comprehensive. Without understanding the differences between them, you may opt out of the wrong policy and end up stuck with a big bill. These are some of the distinctions between the two to help you decide on one or both.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is just what it sounds like. It covers your vehicle repair when youve been involved in an accident with another vehicle or a fixed structure. This means if you crash into another car in a parking lot, hit a tree, flip your car or damage your vehicle in a pothole, youll be covered by this policy. Collision insurance in Delaware will cover you despite who was at fault and since the insurance agency wont have to investigate, your claim is often processed faster than property damage.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance policies cover damage not caused by driving into something else. This often includes acts of God such as natural disasters, theft and vandalism or falling tree limbs. Basically, anything that is out of your control will probably be covered by this policy.

The main difference between collision and comprehensive insurance policies is the amount of control the driver has over the damage. By knowing the variances, youll have a better idea of which policy you want to sign up for, but both is probably your best option for full coverage.