Different Types of Injuries Covered by General Liability

Florida general liability insurance

There are a number of Florida general liability insurance providers, and the best ones will ensure you get all the coverages you need. General liability is required by virtually all businesses so that you are protected in case any of the following were to occur.

Bodily Injury to a Third Party

Although you should have workers comp and insurance policies in place in the event one of your workers becomes injured on-site, you also need separate coverage in case someone else entirely gets hurt. You could be facing a serious lawsuit if a customer gets hurt on your premises, and you do not have insurance in place to compensate him or her.

Advertising Injury

If you get accused of libel or slander in your advertising, insurance can help with any legal fees associated with fighting the accusations.

Injury Caused by Products

If your company designs a product, then there is always the possibility of a malfunction. Someone could get hurt, and coverage to protect you against completed products is a necessity in the business world.

These are just a few of the instances where it can really pay off to have a Florida general liability insurance policy in place. Comprehensive coverage is required or else the future of your business could be in severe jeopardy.

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