Discounts Offered On Auto Insurance

Many people think that insuring their car has to be a major expense. However, there are several discounts offered by most insurance companies to decrease your insurance premium. If you are not currently capitalizing on these discounts or if you are looking for new Auto Insurance in Springfield, contact an insurance agent to see what discount options they offer.

Auto Insurance Springfield Here are the auto insurance discounts you should look for:

1. Multi-policy Discount

 This discount applies to you if you have multiple insurance policies with the same company. These policies can include auto, home owners, rental, and sometimes life insurance.

2. Good Student Discount

 If you have son or daughter who drives and is a student, this discount may be available to you. Since good grades often equate to more responsible drivers, insurance companies reward good students. Some insurance companies restrict the good student discount to those in high school, but others offer it for dependent college students as well.

3. Safe Driver Discount

 This discount is for those drivers who drive without a speeding ticket or at-fault accident for a specified amount of time (often between two and three years). That specified time frame varies from one insurance company to another.

Discounts on Auto Insurance in Springfield can save you money. Be sure to contact your insurance company to find out the specific details of each discount they offer. Call today to see how low your premium can go by adding one or more of these discounts.