Do You Need Liability Coverage for Media Content?

As reported by Axis Insurance Services

In today’s internet age, web content and news coverage happen 24 hours every day. Like the ceaseless information flow, lawsuits for slander, libel, or infringement of copyright can happen anytime.
General liability may not cover all circumstances, leaving you responsible for paying your own defense and possibly other costs. Proper coverage from a reliable company can help you publish without fear of a lawsuit wreaking financial havoc.

Specialized Insurance

Media liability insurance is a focused type of protection called an errors and omissions policy. It protects against claims of slander, privacy invasion, libel, and infringement of copyright. As reported by Axis Insurance Services, this highly specific coverage can protect your right to publish without malicious intent as well as save your bottom line.

Protection for Publishers

Today, the term publisher no longer refers to an elite newspaper magnate. The internet, social networks, and blogging sites make it easy for anyone to publish anything quickly and easily. Unfortunately, convenience and ability bring with them increased potential risks for lawsuits that can affect many types of internet publishers.

Large media outlets such as major newspapers and magazines
Small or startup publications
Freelance writers

Lawsuits can be filed quickly, and it is important to have the right coverage in place.
Insurance for media liability is quite particular. You need media industry experts to help you choose the best coverage for you so you can publish with peace of mind.