Do You Qualify for Vintage Car Insurance?

If you collect classic automobiles, you know how expensive this hobby can be. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on the painstaking restoration of your vehicle, and you’re now ready to realize the fruit of your labor. While there are plenty of costs associated with acquiring and maintaining your favorite automobile, there are some ways to save money when it comes to protecting it. Take advantage of a vintage car insurance program, and you’ll avoid the unnecessary expenses of adding it to your normal policy. You may qualify for policies like:

  • Classic car coverage is for vehicles that are between 15 and 20 years old, and may have some modifications made by the owner.
  • Antique vehicle protection, which is for cars that are more than 25 years old, and are completely original without any augmentations.
  • Specialty policies for collectible automobiles that don’t fit into the other two categories.

With any vintage car insurance policy, it’s important that you meet a few conditions. You must maintain the vehicle in excellent condition, store it in a secure location and only drive it in limited situations. Some insurers may also require that you have a regular-use vehicle for every person in the household who has a driver’s license. If you can meet these qualifications, you’ll be able to save some serious money while providing ample protection for your investment.