Drunken Fights and Insurance for Bars

Drunken Fights and Insurance for Bars

A sports bar is a great place to get together with friends, have some of your favorite fried treats, down a few drinks and root for your favorite team. Unfortunately, it just takes one unruly bar patron to see this as an opportunity to engage in some fisticuffs. Bar fights are often the results of someone becoming angry because another person disparages his team, or “cheers inappropriately” when that same team gets scored on, or ends up losing the game.

For your clients who own and operate these establishments, this can quickly become their worst nightmare. In a matter of seconds, a bar fight can erupt and escalate, quickly turning an otherwise pleasant afternoon or evening into one filled with chaos and resulting in injuries. This is why they need assault and battery insurance for bars.

Alcohol is often at the root of the problem

Alcohol tends to be the beverage of choice in bars and clubs. Consumed in moderation, it usually isn’t an issue, but when drank in excess, it has varying effects on different individuals. Alcohol can cause a number of emotions, from euphoria to deepened depression, and for some, it may even fuel inner rage.

When bar patrons drink too much they are more likely to respond inappropriately to any number of factors, including:

  • Differing opinions
  • Accidental touching
  • Perceived slights to themselves, or
  • Flirtatious advances directed towards their dates or spouses

Their responses may range from mere threats of physical violence to actual physical aggression, but in all likelihood the mood is confrontational. For some bar patrons, physical aggression is their only response to adversity and opposition.

Whether this results in someone being punched in the face, someone cutting another person with a piece of broken glass from a beer bottle, or throwing a chair at another customer, or the altercation results in retaliation or excessive force from a bouncer, the injured party may have the basis of a personal injury claim, not only against the assailant, but the owner of the bar as well.

Once the fighting begins there is always the possibility of someone being seriously injured or worse. Sit down with clients who may need insurance for bars and discuss their exposures and let them know the risks they may be taking without this vital coverage in place.