Exposures Requiring Commercial Property Buildings Insurance

As a commercial property owner, you need insurance that will aid you in paying to repair or replace buildings, structures and any other assets that are destroyed or damaged in events covered by your policy. A commercial property buildings insurance policy is designed to protect your company from many property and liability exposures, including pollution risks that are commonly excluded from standard policies.


Building owners are responsible for the safety of the building and its occupants


This is an area that is particularly important because, as a property owner, you may also be held liable for a number of environmental risks, including mold, lead, and asbestos, and other indoor air quality exposures that can cause ailments among occupants of the building. Improper or inadequate storage/disposal of waste materials can also present liability issues. You need to have a policy in place to provide the protection required.


Speak to an agent about the types of policies available and the inherent risks, such as fire, theft, and natural disasters, which you will likely want to insure against. Policy terms and premiums vary and are often dependent on different factors depending upon what kind of business you are in as well as where you are located. Coverage is available to business owners who own, rent or lease the property they operate their business from.


It is important to consider the fact that businesses operating in different regions are subject to different risks. For example, companies operating in the state of Florida have major storms that can create a large amount of damage, causing extended periods of business interruption. Therefore it is advisable to work with an insurance provider who understands this and will help you choose a policy that will be appropriate.


No matter what sort of business you are in or where you are located there are appropriate commercial property buildings insurance policies available for you.