Fights, Accidents and Liquor Liability for Nightclubs

liquor liability for nightclubs

Nightclubs are known as a business that serves alcohol to their patrons as a way of ramping up the good times. Any fallout from negative activities that may develop, including fights, traffic accidents, or incidents where alcohol could be determined to be the cause, can be a great concern for a proprietor of one of these establishments.

If you’re in the business of selling, serving or providing alcohol to patrons or guests, everything you’ve worked hard for could be at stake unless you are carrying a policy specific to liquor liability for nightclubs. This should certainly top your list of business insurance purchases and you should also know that this type of liability insurance could be offered as an endorsement to a commercial liability insurance policy, or acquired as a stand-alone policy.

The policy is designed to cover a variety of risks and costs associated with inebriated patrons, or staff, depending on the type of coverage you choose. Assault and battery liability will address anyone injured by another patron or employee and addresses bodily injury or you can also buy employee use liability (substance abuse by workers not only poses a threat to thembut to their colleagues and customers, which can open a company up to liability issues). These policies will help cover legal defense costs as well as any property damage that is a result of alcohol abuse.

Whether an incident occurs on your property or not, if it can be determined that the action was the result of alcohol that was served by your establishment and was directly responsible for any injuries or damage sustained, you can be held liable in a court of law. It is important to monitor the selling of alcoholic beverages, ensuring that the person being served is neither drinking excessively, in which case they can become a danger to others or to themselves, nor are they below legal drinking age.

Alcohol is meant to liven up any social event for those participating that do not abuse it. Unfortunately, it only takes one person permitted to drink to excess to turn a fun occasion into a nightmare, and this could easily end up in litigation. Liquor liability for nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, is the best coverage money can buy.