How to File a Life Insurance Claim

life insurance in Connecticut

When its time to file a claim for life insurance in Connecticut, do you know what to do? Its not hard, but a good time to think about it is before you need it. Here is a brief outline of the process.

Death Certificate

In Connecticut, you can request a copy of the death certificate from the city of the persons death or through the states Vital Records Office. Your personal insurance agent can help you fill out claim forms and serve as the go-between with you and the insurance company. Work with the deceaseds agent or the company itself.

Payout Options

Send a certified copy of the original death certificate along with the claim; the insurance company should settle quickly and offer you these payment options:

  • Lump sum: Get a full payment at one time.
  • Specific income provision: You are paid principal and interest on a set timeline.
  • Life income: Regular payment for life based on the benefit, plus your gender and age at the time of death.
  • Interest income: Receive interest on the amount, which is held by the insurance company and given to a secondary beneficiary when you die.

Making a claim for life insurance in Connecticut is fairly simple. The hard part is having to do it. Consider your choices for payment beforehand, and it will be that much easier when needed.