Food Insurance and Transportation Concerns for CT

If you are a food distributor, odds are likely that you are required to transport food items to retailers that are some distance from your plant or distribution center in Connecticut. You therefore need food insurance in CT that covers the transporting of goods that could be damaged or tainted as a result of improper handling. There are Federal regulations in place that stipulate that food products be protected against physical, chemical and microbial contamination during transportation and holding.


Some ways in which food becomes tainted during shipping


  • Lack of security


  • Improper holding practices for food products awaiting shipment or inspection


  • Improper temperature control


  • Cross-contamination, and


  • Improper loading practices, conditions, or equipment.


Factor analysis suggests that “in-transit” and “organizational” risk factors might explain the relationships among the various food safety hazards. Raw seafood, raw meat and poultry, and refrigerated raw and ready-to-eat foods have the highest overall risk.


Security issues                      


Without proper security measures, an unguarded truck could be broken into, and the contents could possibly become contaminated, either purposely, or due to changing conditions (such as a loss of temperature control).


Improper holding practices       


Delays, due to inspections, or quarantines can cause foods to become tainted. This could be due to you not having proper documentation, or there may be other concerns, such as product recalls.


Improper temperature control


A malfunctioning thermal system can cause spoilage and render your products no longer fit for consumption.




This could include improper sanitation, backhauling hazardous materials, failure to maintain tanker wash records, improper disposal of wastewater, and aluminum phosphide fumigation methods in railcar transit.


Improper loading practices       


Improper sanitation of loading equipment, failure to use dedicated units where appropriate, and transporting of mixed loads can all lead to cross-contamination.


Food insurance in CT provides you with the protection you need against many risks and hazards that you may face as a food distributor.