Food Truck or Food Trailer Which One Should You Buy?

If youre considering getting into the mobile food business, one of the first questions you must ask is whether you should get a food truck or a food trailer. Each has its pros and cons. If youre new at this business, be sure to secure the help of trusted advisors. For example, to learn how to insure a food truck or trailer, find the best food truck insurance agency in your area.

Business Model First Equipment Second

Establish your business model before you select a vehicle or any other piece of equipment. Make your purchase decisions based on your plan, not the other way around. For some business models, either a truck or a trailer will work, but the benefits of one will usually outweigh the benefits of the other.

Food Truck vs Food Trailer Showdown

Several key considerations should factor into your comparative analysis:

  • Cost: Trucks usually cost more, depreciate faster, and are more expensive to maintain
  • Versatility: Trucks are generally more compact than trailers and can fit into tighter spaces. Trailers, therefore, tend to have more workspace and can be parked while the operator uses the towing vehicle for other important things.
  • Mobility: Truck mobility is built in. Trailers require a towing vehicle.

Assessing cost, versatility and mobility factors will help you determine which type of vehicle best fits your business model. Making informed decisions like this strengthens your chances of success.

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