Fuel Tanker and Pump Insurance Basics

Pump Insurance Basics

If you own or operate a hauling business, you know how important fuel tanker insurance is to your profession. Insurance is critical for independent fleet operators, small companies and commercial carrier companies alike. From spills and leaks to losses, insurance not only covers you against accidents and incidents but also brings you peace of mind.

Insurance Types

General freight insurance is standard for most haulers but then there’s the question of cargo type. Produce insurance covers against produce spoiling or loss while moving truck insurance covers hauling in residential areas.

Then there’s hazardous materials insurance. A hazardous material is a substance that can cause physical and health hazards to humans, animals or the environment either by itself or in interaction. Examples include carbon dioxide, gasoline and propylene.

Insurance Providers

When searching for the fuel tanker insurance that’s right for you and your business, you need to understand the particular rules and regulations surrounding your cargo type. That’s where insurance providers can help.

Licensed in multiple states, transportation insurance specialist Gain Insurance recommends talking to an agent about your state laws and regulated coverage amounts and making sure you have “the necessary coverage to safely insure your livelihood or business in all facets.”

When you’re looking for fuel tanker insurance, do your research. Know your cargo and find the experienced provider that understands all the rules and regulations surrounding its transportation.