How to Get a Customs Bond

Customs bonds

Customs bonds are a requirement when importing items into the country. The federal government has strict rules and regulations in place to carefully monitor and track everything that comes into the U.S. With that in mind, if you will be importing goods, you will need to secure a customs bond.

The First Step

It is important to understand upfront that the government wont actually provide you a customs bond directly. You have to go through a company called a surety. The surety has to be licensed by the Treasury department. This is essential to understand because you cant get a valid bond anywhere else, and you could face potential issues if you try to use a nonvalid bond.

Securing the Bond

Once you know where to get a bond, you will then have to follow whatever process the company has designed for obtaining a bond. Typically, this will include completing an application that will provide your company information and information about what you are importing. Many times, you will need to grant power of attorney to the company so it can file the bond for you. There will also be fees involved, which include taxes.

Once you have a valid customs bond, you can then begin importing your goods. It is important to remember that you cannot import without a bond, so you will have to make sure you go through the process to secure a legally valid bond.