How to Get a Discount on Your Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Virginia

Car insurance in Virginia is a necessity whether you plan on driving to the corner store or you are taking a weekend road trip. However, getting the coverage you want can be expensive. Here are three ways to lower your premium no matter what kind of car you drive.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

When it comes to driving, safety is generally the main concern for most motorists. Unfortunately, many people still choose to behave recklessly on the road. To combat this problem, insurance companies offer a significant discount to drivers who have a spotless record. This encourages safety and courtesy behind the wheel.

Get Good Grades

If you are currently attending school, it may be possible to receive an additional discount for above average grades. Whether you are just beginning to drive or you have children who are preparing to get a permit, good grades demonstrate motivation and reliability, qualities that your insurance company wants to reward.

Stick With the Same Insurer

Finally, using the same insurer for different types of policies can cut back on your expenses. For example, many companies also offer policies for homeowners and small businesses. If you already have some form of insurance, talk to a representative about affordable car insurance in Virginia and ask about discounts for existing customers.