Get Dog Owner Liability insurance for a Frightened Fido

Get Dog Owner Liability insurance for a Frightened Fido

The old phrase, April showers bring May flowers was rather incomplete, thought Darlenethe stormy month also ended up bringing a lawsuit after a rainy-day occurrence that would have put her assets (including her home!) in jeopardy, had she not heeded her insurance agents advice and purchased dog owner liability insurance.

It was a dark and stormy night

Darlenes Doberman was normally very well behaved and courageous, but the animal turned into a cowering, shivering bundle of nerves whenever thunder or lighting charged across the sky. Animal behaviorists advise that animals will bite for a variety of reasons, and sometimes its the very opposite of aggressionfear. Gripped by terror from hearing the crash and roar of the storm, Darlenes frightened pet sunk her teeth into a visiting friend who was sitting close by when a clap of thunder shook the house.

The points of protection

Should your pet bite someone, resulting in bodily injury, the policy will cover the resulting claimwhether it is for medical fees to treat the injuries or even court costs in the event you are sued and you are found liable for damages. The coverage can be purchased regardless of the breed of dog to be covered, or the state of residence. All of this protection is available at an affordable price point.

Calm after the storm

After doing some research, Darlene ordered a special shirt for her dog to wear specifically during stormy weather. The shirt is a unique type of firmly woven garment that some behaviorists have found deliver comfort and assurance to an animal through the close compression the tightly woven fibers providealmost like a reassuring, all-over hug. The shirt worked wonders at dispelling a great deal of the pets fear, so now Darlene scans the weather forecasts and at the first sign of a storm, breaks out the shirt for her pet. She also continues to work with her professional insurance agent to make sure her dog owner liability insurance premiums are paid up, that the coverage amounts remain appropriate for her situation. To find out about purchasing this protection for your pet, call your agent today.