How Do Data Breaches Occur?

Data Breaches

Data breaches can be extremely costly and disruptive to your organization’s operations. Your financial information, as well as the information of the clients who you serve, maybe put in serious jeopardy if your data security systems aren’t constantly monitored and updated.

How Do Organizations Discover Breaches?

According to, organizations are often unable to detect data breaches until after they occur. However, regular scanning for malware and viruses can identify and isolate breaches before they inflict serious harm.

What Different Types of Threats Exist?

In analyzing what causes data breaches most frequently, it has been found that Criminal hacking activity is responsible for even more data breaches than malware programs. As one example, an employee could receive an email from a coworker requesting that he or she send funds to an account. The email has the tone and style of the coworker’s regular emails, and it contains the coworker’s usual signature at the bottom. In fact, the email is from an unknown source and the transfer request was fraudulent.

How Can Data Breaches Be Prevented?

The best way to be proactive about data breaches is to have a comprehensive plan to prevent them. Adopting guidelines for data security and incorporating them into every employee’s onboarding and ongoing training will significantly help to reduce the risk of a breach affecting your organization.