How To Choose a Good Insurance Broker

insurance brokers in New England like NorthStar

Insurance is a necessity to protecting yourself, your business and your assets. However, shopping for insurance can leave you with more questions than answers. Here are some tips to choose among the insurance brokers in New England like NorthStar to find the right one for your needs.


Friends, family, colleagues and mentors offer a great starting point in your search for a quality insurance broker. They can offer you a review of the broker they use and any past experience that didn’t work out. You are left with a small list to start searching from.


Take the time to vet the broker to make sure they understand your needs whether personal, business or both. Look at both the firm’s website and by contacting current clients if possible. They can answer many of the questions you have regarding the broker.


While referrals offer a great place to start, ultimately each person has a different thought on what quality service means. Businesses need to keep apace of changing insurance requirements that may affect cost. A broker who understands the changing marketplace, keeps you informed during the claims process and is prompt with renewals may be the best match.

Once you’ve narrowed down the insurance brokers in New England like NorthStar that meet your requirements, you can request a quote and further narrow down your options. Reevaluate your broker on an annual basis to ensure they still meet your needs.