Increase Sales Through Insurance Appointment Setting

Insurance appointment setting

Insurance appointment setting

It’s unfortunate that so many insurance agencies do not understand the importance of insurance appointment setting with prospective clients. Prospects are just that; they are prospective clients. Without a follow up appointment being set, they will never become actual clients. If you are looking to increase insurance sales and gain more clients, it is essential that you are persistent in contacting and setting up appointments with your prospects.

The Facts

The facts on sales are enough to get any insurance agent into action. Nearly 50% of people looking for more business will not follow up with an initial contact. Those who contact potential clients a second time make up only 25%. It continues to decline, with only about 10% of salespeople who will contact an individual more than three times. On the flip side, it is the salespeople who are persistent with insurance appointment setting and follow up calls who get the business. Approximately 2% of sales are made with the second contact, on down to about 80% of sales made after a fifth contact.

Getting Started

To get started, you need to have a marketing technique in place. Prospective clients can reach you through a proper SEO campaign, social media marketing, and more. Once you are able to reach those prospective clients initially, it is essential to have a plan in place that will help you to reach out to them a second, third, or fourth time in order to get their business.

As the facts show, insurance appointment setting and following up with prospects is essential to the success of your insurance company. Contact a professional to learn more about how to implement a marketing campaign that will help you find those prospects.