Industry Standards for the Hospitality Industry

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Your clients in the hospitality business need insurance solutions for the many risks and exposures they often face. This includes hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Tainted food is an obvious concern, along with other items that fall under products and completed operations. If a customer were to claim that they became ill from any item they were served and wound up being admitted to a hospital, then your client would be looking at the real likelihood of a lawsuit.

Since your clients are constantly exposed to issues over serving alcohol, or food-borne illness, including allergic reactions or other incidents triggered by providing services or products to consumers, they need coverage options available through us risk underwriters. Having a comprehensive hospitality insurance program is important for business owners that may come under scrutiny and need the type of policies that cater to their exact needs.

Safety training can alleviate many concerns

Making sure that products and completed operations insurance coverage is in your clients hospitality insurance program will help when faced with any legal fees or costly settlements and judgments. It can help to select a carrier able to provide risk mitigation services as this can greatly reduce the odds of issues of this nature occurring in the future.

Having a management team in place that understands these concerns and do their part to ensure that staff is well trained, keep an eye for any existing problems, and are constantly aware of their surroundings, can alleviate concerns over health violations that could pose a risk to customers.

The kitchen staff should be conscious of not participating in the sort of activities that could result in cross-contamination of food products and carefully examine all foods or beverages prior to serving them to the public. They need to check expiration dates and smell certain items to determine their freshness. Should they experience equipment malfunctions, particularly refrigeration units, these must be addressed immediately to avoid the spoiling of products intended for consumption.

Venues that service large capacity crowds have additional concerns that also need to be addressed. Your clients can only benefit by having a stringent hospitality insurance program from us risk underwriters that focuses on their particular needs and can help to safeguard their enterprise.