Insurance Can Help Avoid a Costly Lawsuit

dog bite homeowners insurance

More than 43 million US households have dogs for pets and according to theCenters for Disease Control (CDC), there are 4.7 million dog bites per year. Without being properly insured, either through dog bite homeowners insurance or a policy from a private carrier, you could face financial responsibility in a dog bite lawsuit. One way that you can help to prevent injuries is by training your dog so that it doesn’t bite or injure someone else or their pet.

Important considerations for dog owners

To keep yourself and others safe you should, when considering the purchase of a new dog, look for a breed that fits nicely with your family, especially if you have young children. Also, consider consulting a professional (such as a veterinarian, animal behaviorist or breeder) for help in selecting the best breed for your situation. Take the time necessary to get to know a dog before buying or adopting it.

You should also spay or neuter your pets and seek professional advice if your dog develops aggressive behaviors. Make sure yourliability insurancecovers the type and breed of dog that you own.

Helpful ways to avoid dog bites

Remember that children are most at risk for dog bites, but anyone can be a victim of an unexpected attack. Instruct others, especially young children, not to approach an unfamiliar dog, nor should they run or scream. Its best to remain motionless and try calling for help.

Dont allow children to play with a dog unless an adult supervises them. Warn them not to stare at the animal, since direct eye contact with a dog can possibly make it feel threatened. Children should never disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating or caring for puppies. Its also a good idea to allow a dog to see and sniff you before petting it.

No one wants to end up in court as the victim or the owner of a dog following an injury. A lawsuit can be a terrible ordeal, emotionally and financially, particularly if lacking dog bite homeowners insurance. Carry adequate amounts of insurance and be mindful of what should be done when faced with a situation that may be seen as a potential threat.