Insuring Your Farm Equipment

agricultural machinery insurance

When working in agriculture, the viability of your business venture rests heavily on how well your equipment functions. Whether you are just making your first purchases or you have existing equipment that needs protection, be sure to invest in agricultural machinery insurance and secure the financial support you need for your enterprise.

Costly Repairs

Equipment failure can be costly for the farmer. Not only does it take a considerable amount of money to make repairs or hire a technician, but the downtime you experience is also just as damaging to your production schedule. By investing in an agriculture equipment insurance policy, you will minimize your financial liability when your machinery is down for maintenance or repair. This allows you to focus on the priority of getting back up and running.

What’s Covered

You might be wondering what is covered with an equipment insurance plan. The following items are usually a part of a comprehensive agricultural package, but you will want to check on the specific with your local insurance agent.

Heating and Cooling Systems
Farm Office Equipment

Farm property is often uneven with rocks or other obstructions, further increasing the risk that damage might occur to your machinery and the wheels. Mechanical arms might malfunction, or sprayers might experience a motor burn out. When these things take place, an insurance plan can be what you need to avoid substantial loss.