Keep Club Members and Their Boats Safe With Insurance

yacht club insurance

A yacht club places many people and property items under their care: large boats filled with the owner’s belongings, the entire docking area, those who care for and work on the boats, along with various other people and things that are often put at risk on a daily basis. However, with yacht club insurance, you can continue to operate with recreational activities without dampening the fun if something were to happen.

General Liability

When it comes to the policies within the programs specially made for yacht club insurance, general liability often will cover anyone involved within the club. This can include:

  • Club members
  • Junior members
  • Workers
  • Directors and officers
  • Volunteers


A yacht club allows for the docking, sailing and care of members’ boats, which can be quite costly to repair or replace in the case of an accident, vandalism, weather and various other causes. Specialized yacht club insurance will typically be able to handle the costs for such liabilities and claims, protecting your club from significant financial loss.

Other Policies

There are numerous other helpful policies to consider looking for when choosing your insurance program.

  • Regatta Liability
  • Facility and Grounds Coverage
  • Pollution and oil spill
  • Sailing training
  • Chartering
  • Racing Errors & Omissions
  • Jones Act

Depending on your needs, it’s important to find coverage to protect those under your care as a yacht club owner.