Laws Surrounding Workers Compensation in Virginia

workers compensation in Virginia

Acquiring workers compensation in Virginia is necessary for all businesses. For the well-being of your company and the people who work for you, it is prudent to learn a little bit about these insurance policies.

Injuries Covered

Any injury that occurs at a place of work is covered by workers comp under Virginia law. This includes sudden injuries or illnesses that develop over a period of time. Additionally, short-term and permanent injuries are covered, so whether you are in the hospital for a day or have sustained a permanent disability, workers comp should be able to pay out.

Filing Process

An injured worker will likely inform you of an injury shortly after it has happened. Once you know, you need to contact your insurance company promptly. A form needs to be filled out, and you will need to send it to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. You only have 10 days to do this.

Workers comp can cover a lot of different facets of an injury, including medical bills, lost wages due to being away from work and compensation for any permanent disabilities. Business owners are required by law to have this insurance at all times in order to operate. Make sure your worker’s compensation in Virginia is comprehensive so that everyone who works for you remains protected.


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