Make Sure Your Company Is Properly Insured

oil field insurance in NM

The oil and gas industry is a high-risk industry with insurance requirements above and beyond the standard property damage and general liability coverage. Consulting an insurance professional who specializes in the oil and gas industry when you’re looking for oil field insurance in NM, can save you time and aggravation. Your insurance representative has the expertise to guide you through the different insurance options available to you and help you find the right policies for your company’s specific needs.

Survive Accidents With the Right Insurance Protections

Included among the different policy protections your insurance representative can offer you are,

  • Specialized equipment breakdown protection
  • Environmental and pollution liability
  • Commercial umbrella and excess liability
  • Workers Compensation liability.

Review Your Coverage to Safeguard Your Company

Whether your company functions as an oil and gas industry supplier or a service contractor, you need to have adequate insurance coverage. No matter the safety-consciousness level of your business and employees, the simple fact remains that accidents happen. These accidents can be something as simple as a pump failing due to severe weather or as complicated as a roadside accident resulting in an oil spill. Regardless of the cause or type of the accident, you can make sure your coverage is adequate by reviewing your oil field insurance in NM, with a professional insurance representative.

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