Why Member-Owned Insurance Agencies are Better

fraternal life insurance

Turn on the television for five minutes, and you’re bound to see a commercial for insurance. Each company vows to save money over the other, but each claim is shrouded in misleading details. If you want a different type of insurance provider, consider a fraternal life insurance company.

How It Works

A fraternal insurance company is to a typical insurance provider what a credit union is to a bank. While banks and insurance companies must put profits first, fraternal insurance organizations and credit unions are owned by their members.

When you buy life insurance from a fraternal organization, you also become a part-owner of the group. These non-profits are then beholden to you not some stuffed suit.

Your Needs First

Since there are no shareholders to please, fraternal life insurance organizations can put your needs first. That means that the policies are fair and the customer service is better than at their for-profit counterparts.

Save Money

Without profits to consider, these charitable organizations can significantly reduce costs. Instead of passing those savings to a CEO, they go to you. After all, you are not only a customer but also an owner. The savings are significant, no matter which type of policy you choose.

You deserve more from your insurance provider. Call a member-owned agency today.