Miami Fl Workers Compensation Insurance Issues

Miami Fl Workers Compensation Insurance Issues

The field of workers’ comp here in Miami has grown more complex and technical in recent years with laws and statutes changing year to year. Because of this, employers need to routinely conduct educational classes and safety meetings to discuss how workers should handle medical issues as they relate to disability cases, along with many other topics, including how to handle workers’ compensation claims swiftly, and economically, with everyone’s best interests in mind.

The Miami FL workers compensation insurance coverage provided by employers will provide for all necessary medical care if an employee ever gets injured at work or develops an occupational disease arising out of, and in the course of their employment.

In order to protect the interests of the company, workers may be required to take a drug and alcohol test if injured on the job, in order to ensure that they were not impaired in any way at the time of the accident. If they test positive for alcohol or illegal drugs at the time of their injury, they may not be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as per Florida law.

State reforms have had a major impact on civil lawsuits

The state estimates that reforms have cut Florida business’ workers comp premiums by 56%, but workers’ advocates argued that those cuts had gone too far, and even began a series of lawsuits in Florida courts to challenge the law’s constitutionality. Just last June a South Florida appeals court overturned a circuit judge’s constitutional ruling that threatened a major underpinning of the state’s workers-compensation insurance system.

The constitutional question dealt with a long-standing concept in Florida that cases involving injured workers should be handled through the workers-compensation system instead of through civil lawsuits.

Employers need to focus on getting coverage value and safety

The key to getting the right coverage at the best price is to have an experienced, well-informed agency specializing in Miami FL workers compensation insurance evaluate the unique situation that surrounds your business and find the best possible coverage.

One way to accomplish lower claims rates is by implementing preventative measures such as a work safety and drug free workplace program, which often results in premium discounts and may also help reduce your MOD factor and that can save you even more money over time.