Protect Yourself Against Dog Bites

While not every dog attack may be prevented, there are still several things that owners can do in order to minimize the likelihood that it will happen. People who own canines that bite could face lawsuits in the millions of dollars. Taking preventative measures, such as researching Florida dog bites quotes, can give owners peace of mind.


Know the Signs


Many dog owners know their pets well enough to be able to sense if an attack or a bite will be imminent. There are several signs a dog will exhibit, such as:


  • Ears pinned back
  • Fur along the pet’s back standing up
  • Baring teeth
  • Widening eyes so others can see the white of the eyes


An owner who views this behavior should quickly remove the dog from the situation.


Responsible Ownership


The American Kennel Club points out that spaying or neutering a dog can actually decrease behaviors related to an attack. Additionally, giving a dog plenty of exercise can expend energy that could later translate to aggression if not handled properly.


Explore Insurance


Due to the nature of injuries that a dog bite can cause, medical bills can skyrocket, which means owners could be on the hook for six- and seven-figure expenses. Florida dog bites quotes for insurance policies come at a very small fraction of those numbers and enable an owner to rest assured that they are protected in the event of an attack.


Taking a few small steps now can save a dog owner the stress and expense of a bite down the road.