Protect Your Employees Beyond Workers Compensation

New Jersey workers compensation

Companies operating in the state of New Jersey are required by law to cover their employees with a workers compensation policy. Even if your company has all the safety protocols in place, eventually someone may file a claim. Beyond New Jersey workers compensation, FMLA and other options may be available for your injured or ill employees.

First Steps

Once you know that your employee is injured, your office can start the claims process with the insurance company. With the aid of your insurance agent, you can select a specific medical provider to send your employee to for treatment. The insurance company should handle most of the claim paperwork and follow-up with the employee following the accident.

Beyond Insurance

While New Jersey workers compensation offers monetary benefits for the injured employee, it does not guarantee their job while they recover from that injury or illness. Discussing the options open to your employee can help them fully recover from the accident or illness.

Looking beyond the benefits of New Jersey workers compensation to help your injured or ill employees can have long reaching benefits for your company. Employees who feel well taken care of and safe are less likely to reinjure themselves and take a greater pride in their work. Good employees are often hard to come by, protect yours as much as possible.