Protecting Your Cargo

Protecting Your Cargo

Those in the business of operating motor trucks or any of processes involved with transporting goods from one place to another, provide a much-needed service. Oftentimes, these goods are time-sensitive, costly and vital to the business of the client. With these valuables in your possession, you may be wondering how to get cargo insurance to protect against any unforeseen circumstances. Luckily, with customized plans available, you can get the right coverage for your needs.

Put Your Worries at Ease

Even for the most experienced professional, it is still possible for mishaps to occur at the multiple stages of transport. Having cargo insurance is a practical investment in the following scenarios:

  • The value of the cargo is higher than the limits on a typical plan
  • The type of freight being transferred needs specialized coverage
  • The cargo needs coverage while being in stored or warehoused

Customized Options

You may find that the type of cargo insurance available and their costs will vary on a variety of factors. To avoid any potential disputes among the shipper, transporter and the receiver of goods, it is important to be aware of what contract terms cover and what might need to be supplemented with additional insurance. Speak to an agent today to discuss options on how to get cargo insurance that fits your needs.