Real Estate Coverage for Inherent Risks

Orlando commercial rental property insurance

Orlando commercial rental property insurance provides coverage in the event a tenant sues claiming that the building where they work is operating under conditions that aren’t safe. This could be due to conditions that could result in injury or poses serious health risks. When you are managing a property that you own you have a duty to provide good indoor air quality for your tenants. Imagine trying to work in a building where temperatures are abnormally high or low, or nauseous gases are being inhaled.

In situations where there is limited ventilation, good indoor air quality is necessary in order for people to stay healthy and productive, and any oversight of this aspect of the facility carries serious implications for the general health of its occupants. If nothing is done to correct issues of this nature, poor indoor air quality can tend to aggravate allergies in sensitive people, as well as asthma or other respiratory problems, which in turn could lead to legal issues. Tenants deserve to work in an environment where the air they breathe is healthy.

Solutions for reducing contaminants

There are several ways to promote improved indoor air quality. Perhaps the simplest and cost-effective way to achieve this goal is to install floor mats that trap debris securely, which helps to prevent dirt and other allergens from entering the building’s ventilation systems.

A major concern for many commercial real estate investors is dealing with mold, lead poisoning, asbestos, and high levels of electromagnetic radiation, to name a few. Addressing these concerns can lead to fewer health issues, more efficient facilities, and less maintenance of ventilation systems. Taking measures to improve the air saves both time and money.

By focusing on improving indoor air quality, organizations will often reap the benefits of a more efficient workplace. This can be accomplished by simply containing germs before they enter the air conditioning system. Employee health is vital to those businesses operating in your facility, as health is positively correlated with satisfaction, productivity, and overall performance.

The loss of revenues you could experience when problems aren’t addressed could be devastating. Orlando commercial rental property insurance provides coverage when issues arise, but controlling indoor air quality will help you to reduce any risks.