Reasons to Get Dog Bite Insurance

Dog bite insurance

Did you know that your homeowners policy may not include liability coverage for your dogs actions? There is an option however, for you to get dog bite insurance as its own policy. It will cover medical and legal expenses related to the injuries. Here are some reasons to get dog bite insurance.

Neighborhood Risks

Do you live in a neighborhood that has young children? They may not know how to properly approach a dog and may irritate or startle your pet. Even though your dog is trained well and is not aggressive under normal circumstances, it may respond by biting.


Some states require proof of liability insurance, and you could be fined if you do not have it. Some landlords will require liability insurance if you wish to move into their property with a dog. Often times they will request to be an insured party.

Breed Restriction

If you have a dog such as an Akita, Pit Bull, or Doberman Pinscher, it is likely that your homeowners insurance does not cover them if they bit or injured someone. If your dog has even accidentally scratched or knocked down someone in the past, Dog bite insurance can give you peace of mind that you are covered in case your dog causes someone to become injured.