Researching Available Nightclub Insurance Programs

Researching Available Nightclub Insurance Programs

When choosing an insurance broker, it is imperative that you partner with an agency that knows the specific types of coverage that you will probably need. There are many nightclub insurance programs available on the market, but you need to find a comprehensive and detailed agency will provide you the best possible products, as well as services that will address those complex risk management and insurance related issues.

Whether you own a small, local pub or one of those swanky nightspots with velvet ropes and bodybuilders for doormen, you need someone that understands the hazards of owning and operating a bar or nightclub and will seek to provide you with insurance policies for everything from property and public liability insurance, to health, workers comp, theft and disaster coverage, regardless of the size, or scope of the business.

Liquor liability tops the list for most restaurant and bar owners

Liquor liability insurance, in addition to regular bar liability insurance, is something that you also need to include in your nightclub insurance package. Liquor liability insurance is an absolute must, because it is the kind of insurance for bars and nightclubs which protects them from any problems that may arise from the use of alcohol, including what may happen to customers long after they leave your establishment.

Another major concern might arise from renting out your club or bar to outside individuals. For example, if you were ever to allow groups to rent out your nightclub for special events, you’ll need to talk to your insurance agent about purchasing event liability insurance.

Event liability insurance is a one-time policy that covers a specific group and a specific date and time. Then, if your club is damaged or destroyed during their event, your events liability insurance policy will likely cover the damage.

Of course, purchasing policies through nightclub insurance programs is an added cost of doing business, and insurance will definitely add extra expenditures to the operation of your bar or nightclub. Just remember that this is a necessity for any establishment that wants to last in this type of competitive business venture. An uninsured business is just one unfortunate event away from disaster and not likely to survive a lawsuit or large settlement without proper coverage.