RMS Hospitality and Liquor Liability Concerns

RMS Hospitality and Liquor Liability Concerns

Liquor liability is a very serious issue for your clients in the hospitality industry. Serving alcohol often leads to major consequences, including fights on premises, fights off premises, and driving a car inebriated after leaving a nightclub, sports bars, live music club, or even a restaurant.

Any person or business entity that sells or furnishes liquor to a guest has a civil and legal duty to do so responsibly. Lawsuits are often brought about because of allegations of the wrongful serving of alcohol that in turn leads to injury. That legal duty is spelled out in various “dram shop” laws passed in 43 states.

A “dram shop” is traditionally a business that serves alcoholic beverages by the “dram,” (which is a British unit of measure). These laws are in place in order to protect the public from proprietors who may be found at fault for the irresponsible sale of alcohol to underage or intoxicated people.

Why RMS?

RMS Hospitality insurance covers, among other things, liquor liability. RMS partners with brokers who know the hospitality business top to bottom, and can offer their clients extensive coverage to help defend against claims related to injuries or accidents stemming from their sale of alcohol to their patrons.

The reason hospitality locales exist is as a way for people to socialize and have a fun evening out. Whether it’s a local bar, a restaurant with a full bar, a comedy club that serves alcohol, or any venue that owns a liquor license and has the right to sell and serve alcoholic beverages, there are risks and exposures that should be addressed.

Even when their patrons have had their last drink and are heading home, that establishment still has a liability concern if their customer has an accident on the way home and is deemed too intoxicated to operate a motor vehicle. Fault can be found with the establishment where they were served their last drink whenever they are over the legal limit.

The consequences are dire, and could even wind up costing your client their business. This is why RMS Hospitality insurance coverage is the best possible recourse for any liquor related issues that your client may face. Do your part and provide them with the protection they surely need.