Safety Training for Office Products Suppliers

Safety Training for Office Products Suppliers

If you own or operate a company that provides office products and supplies you are probably aware of the risks related to operating this type of business. But when was the last time you walked around the warehouse looking for hazards and other concerns? Are the machines regularly checked out to ensure they won’t breakdown and cause someone to become injured? Are the floors clean of oil and other slippery substances?

These are obvious areas of concern, and if a worker were to have a slip and fall accident, or become harmed by a machine that was not properly working and posed a safety threat, chances are you could have a serious workers compensation claim on your hands. Office product suppliers, like most companies, are required to provide workers and employees with workers comp insurance for those instances when they are injured during the performance of their duties at work.

Safety in the workplace

The more time devoted to a safe working atmosphere, the less the likelihood that an employee will become injured on the job. That’s not to say that accidents can’t, or won’t happen, but by being proactive in the prevention of accidents, and training employees on what to look for, as well as report any improprieties that they witness or discover, can go a long way towards reducing the chances of someone getting hurt.

If you don’t already have one you should create a safety program, enlist someone to be the company Safety Manager, schedule regular meetings to discuss any past issues or concerns and make a plan to make adjustments moving forward. It should be the job of the Safety Manager to ensure that follow-up is done, corrections are made, and that all new employees are given immediate training specific to their duties.

An injured worker not only reduces the workforce, which often means that others must work harder, and sometimes longer hours to get the same amount of work done. This added stress can often lead to more injuries. That’s why management should look hard at the risks and exposures of the company and create a stringent risk management plan to help stem the tide of possible injuries occurring.

Office product suppliers have a huge responsibility to provide their products to companies in many different industries. They need workers who maintain the same sense of responsibility when it comes to keeping themselves, and their co-workers, safe at all times.