Smooth Sailing With Yacht Coverage

marine insurance

Few hobbies offer the fun and enjoyment you can experience when you venture out on a yacht. Amateurs and experienced sailors alike can survey the beauty of the water and the relaxation it provokes. With such activities on your mind, you might not consider the liabilities that exist, too. Many of these affect the marinas that yachts and other watercraft dock at, but investing in marine insurance can help you avoid the cost of such risks.

Common Marina Liabilities

There are a number of liabilities that commonly affect marinas. A good marina insurance policy will provide coverage for a range of items. Some of those that may be included in a specialized policy include the following:

  • Damage from windstorms
  • Legal liability for removing sunken wrecks
  • Oil pollution
  • Emergency assistance and towing

These are all common liabilities for yachters and marina owners, but you don’t have to fall prey to their expenses. With a good marina insurance policy, you are effectively protected from the expense of such incidents.

Keep Your Marina Safe

Your marina should be safe for every boat and more importantly, every person that stays there. Even while you do your best to ensure it is safe, there are liabilities you cannot escape. A good insurance policy can fill the gaps and offer the protection you need.