Specialized Products for High Net Worth Clients

High net worth insurance brokers

If your agency doesnt have the resources to cover high net worth clients, find the products you need from a wholesale insurer. High net worth insurance brokers can offer products that expand your liability limits and provide special coverage for high-value clients. From luxury home repair to high living expenses, you can offer your clients better coverage and flexible policies. Each product is backed by a network of top-tier carriers that have the financial resources to that meet your clients needs.

Wholesale insurance products include high-value asset protection, extended home repair or replacement coverage, cash settlement, equipment damages, sewage problems and high-limit jewelry coverage. Additionally, high net worth insurance brokers can assist with risk assessment, loss mitigation, and long-term scheduling plans. When your clients need more out of their insurance policy, get the resources to meet their demands.

Finally, working with a wholesale insurer, you can expand your umbrella policy to provide adequate coverage for a high-value homeowner to match their underlying liabilities. Your limited financial resources shouldnt prevent you from protecting high net worth policyholders. Take the steps your agency needs to grow and work with a wholesale broker today. For a more extensive, specialized product line and higher coverage limits, partner with a wholesaler today.