Storm Watch and Yacht Insurance in Newport Beach

insurance in Newport beach

Acquiring adequate yacht insurance in Newport beach can make all the difference when it comes to issues affecting your watercraft, your safety (and the safety of others), as well as the possibility of property damage occurring due to an unforeseen event. While we generally experience good weather every month of the year, there’s always the possibility that temperamental weather off the coast may occur.


There are several precautions every yacht and boat owner can take to stay safe. As anyone who has ever driven a boat can tell you, stormy seas can develop quite quickly, so putting to use a few safe boating tips can make a world of difference.


Be watchful when you’re on the water


It’s winter season now, so even if it’s nice out, there have been occasions where people have had to avoid a disaster on the seas and were able to do so because they were vigilant and aware. By constantly listening to the weather broadcasts, or scanning the skies for any sign of a storm or changing winds, youll be able to decide whether it’s safe to remain in the water or if it may be time to turn around and head back.


Sometimes the weather forecasts can’t predict sudden weather changes. If you see dark storm clouds gathering, or notice the wind picking up rather severely, take precautions because a downpour could be on the way. The weather reports will allow you to know if there is any expected risk of high winds, thunderstorms, or other challenging weather conditions. Listen to the forecast by the National Weather Service on NOAA Weather Radio or your local AM or FM stations.


Whenever things get rough take some added safety precautions. Head for shore when possible so you can get your passengers out of your boat and to safety. If you have to stay on the water, make sure everyone puts on a life jacket or personal flotation device. Ensure that guest’s and particularly children, stay below deck and everyone should know the protocol in place for your emergency plan. Once on shore and things settle down, inspect your craft for any damage. If there is any, you’ll be glad that you have yacht insurance in Newport beach to help with any necessary repairs.