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Without Insurance Your Laundry Could Get Taken to the Cleaners

laundry insurance

Humans are a grimy bunch. Owning a dry cleaning or coin-operated laundry to help clean up the masses is a brilliant idea. Don’t let it get washed away because you don’t have the right laundry insurance.

Commercial launderers should make sure they have at least liability and property insurance before opening for business. These two policies will help ensure you are protected as soon as you take your first client, whether the business accidentally destroys someone’s wedding dress or a flood sweeps away the washers and dryers.

The Two Policies You Must Have

Each policy protects your laundry in different ways. Here’s the difference:

Property insurance: The right property insurance policy helps you repair your shop and replace equipment if it is damaged due to flood, fire or other disasters. The policy covers everything from machines to window glass.

Liability insurance: This coverage protects you and the business from accidents that may occur. For example, if a leaky washer causes a customer to slip and fall, liability insurance will help cover any medical expenses owed the customer.

With these two laundry insurance products, a business owner can feel confident serving clients. An experienced insurance agent can also help the owner determine what other coverages the business may need, like workers compensation and umbrella policies.