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Replacement Costs and Uniform Rental Insurance

uniform rental insurance

Many businesses offer employment to individuals who must wear a uniform as part of their regular duties. This includes policemen, private security guards, fast food workers, hospital staff, and a slew of other business models. Uniforms make individuals working in certain businesses easily identifiable. When you see a man or woman wearing a brown shirt and slacks or shorts, you immediately know its a UPS representative. Uniforms help us to know whom we are dealing with and what to expect from this interaction.


Companies rarely buy these uniforms outright. Instead, they enlist the services of a company that rents out uniforms to individuals or companies. Having uniform rental insurance means being protected from having to pay for any garments that are damaged, lost, or stolen. The costs to replace these articles of clothing can be very costly without having proper coverage in place.


Certain jobs put garments at higher risk of damage


Depending on the type of work your employees perform, their uniforms may become ruined or damaged at a higher rate than other businesses. For example, fast food restaurants deal with hot oils in the cooking process, and condiments can likely leave stains that wont easily be removed. Policemen and women are out in the streets and are exposed to all types of situations where their uniforms are at risk of being damaged.


Many members of a hospital staff deal in bodily fluids (blood, urine) and other chemicals and toxins that likely cause permanent damage to the scrubs they wear. When these are returned to the rental houses they are often not in a condition where they can be reused. Insurance is a way of reducing any costs associated with the replacement costs from any charges resulting from damage to the material.


When you run a business as large as a hospital, where thousands of uniforms are in use every day of every year, the annual costs, without uniform rental insurance, could reach an exorbitant dollar amount. Your business requires a lot of people to wear uniforms that out identifies the services these people provide to clients and customers. Don’t let uniform rentals be a burden on your budget. Get the protection of uniform rental insurance to keep your business running at the highest level possible.