The Value of Florida Medical Malpractice Insurance

The Value of Florida Medical Malpractice Insurance

Doctors here in the Sunshine State provide a valuable service in their communities. After all, when someone experiences severe pain or an injury of any type, they turn to doctors and other medical practitioners to provide relief from pain and hopefully to fix whatever is causing them stress and anguish. Unfortunately, people tend to sue the very same health care professionals if they feel they have made a mistake, or if they are made to suffer in any way. This often invokes a wide variety of causes of action and in many cases, legal proceedings may ultimately be involved.

Florida medical malpractice insurance is the best way to deal with pending litigation resulting from a medical mishap or any misunderstanding. However, a successful medical malpractice lawsuit generally requires proof of the following:

  • The care provided was below the ordinary standard of care provided by a similar health care practitioner under the same or similar circumstances
  • A professional relationship existed between the health care practitioner and the injured person
  • The facility failed to use sterilized equipment that put the patient at risk, or
  • The person was harmed because of the deviation from the standard of care

Concerns about lawsuits may often place undue pressure on doctors to act in ways that are not necessarily in the best interest of their patients. Doctors should determine if the chance of finding a problem that requires treatment is extremely small since the risks of testing may outweigh the benefits. For example, in order to avoid even the slightest risk of a lawsuit, doctors may order tests or treatments that have more risks than actual benefits to their patient.

Unnecessary testing, including radiation exposure (or the occasional false test result, which can lead to further unnecessary tests), either of which may result in further complications (such as injury or radiation exposure), or even a false diagnosis may all contribute to unnecessary risks to the patient.

Patients should also be open to asking their doctor to discuss the relative benefits and risks of any test as well as proposed treatment before any action is taken. Most doctors understand that the best defense against malpractice lawsuits is not in having Florida medical malpractice insurance, but lies in their providing excellent medical care and building close, trusting, and collaborative relationships with their patients.