Theft of Medical Imaging

cyber medical imaging

The healthcare industry is one of the most attacked sectors when it comes to cyber threats. Due to more information being stored digitally for ease and efficiency, hackers are able to find methods of infiltration to steal it. With MRIs, ultrasounds, and CT scans becoming digital, this puts cyber medical imaging at the same risk. If these images are stolen, they can be used for a variety of illegal activities, such as identity theft and medical fraud. Furthermore, these scan results hold private information for the patient involved, leading to the exposure of protected health information (PHI).

Cyber Insurance

As more industries are put under threat of cyber attacks, more insurance companies are offering policies for the protection of digital aspects for the business along with other general policies. When it comes to cyber medical imaging companies, some insurance policies may offer specific coverage for the theft of the digital images stored on the business servers. This means they can pay for any legal fees involved in a case where hackers may leak information, as well as cover general liability and other important aspects of insurance. Cyber medical imaging clinics should consider finding an insurance policy that also protects against hackers, as digital threats are becoming more frequent and advanced as technology develops.