Three of the Deadliest Jobs in America

Three of the Deadliest Jobs in America

Each year numerous Americans are injured at work, sometimes fatally. Many people have jobs that put them in dangerous situations on a daily basis. Virginia workers compensation insurance can help cover medical treatment, lost wages and other expenses. While it is important, and legally required in Virginia, for businesses to have this type of coverage for their employees, there are certain jobs that have a much greater probability for injury to workers.


Logging jobs are some of the most dangerous anywhere. Workers must cut down large, heavy trees and transport them to mills. Falling trees, and the tools and machinery used, are some of the chief hazards.

Construction Workers

There are many different ways construction workers can be injured. They have physically intense jobs, and often work with heavy machines and power tools. Sometimes it is also necessary for them to work high in the air.

Fishing Industry Workers

Working in the fishing industry is another dangerous profession. People who work on boats hauling in the catch are particularly at risk. Workers can get thrown off ships into freezing water and are in constant contact with sharp hooks and knives.

Virginia workers compensation insurance is an essential way to protect employees who are injured or killed at work. An insurance representative can advise you on the right policy for your business.