Tips For Selecting A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

When you employ one or more drivers as part of your business, having a New Jersey commercial auto insurance policy is critical to protect your drivers and your business. These policies are also essential for CDL drivers who spend a significant amount of time out on the road, and some minimum commercial liability coverage is required by law. If you’re in the market for one of these policies, here are some tips for finding the best.

First, prepare a list of all the vehicles and drivers that you are planning to insure. Include information like the makes and models, how many miles each vehicle currently has on it, and what safety features each one has. A short description of the vehicles may also help get a more accurate risk assessment when you get a quote. In addition, have all the information about your drivers available—mainly names and driver’s license numbers.

Second, shop around. Getting the best deal often means looking at a few different companies before you make a final decision. Ask each company to prepare several quotes for different packages as well so you know what is available.

Finally, ask other business owners or CDL drivers about what insurance they use, and whether they like it. Sometimes referrals can be your best resource for getting a good policy and good service. This is especially useful to find out how the insurance responds in case of an accident.

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