Top Risks Associated with Cloud Storage

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Many companies especially smaller businesses rely on the cloud to store data. Using cloud storage allows businesses to avoid spending money on hardware and expensive servers. Many cloud storage companies offer monthly subscriptions helping businesses better budget costs. However, cloud storage is not without its risks making Orlando cyber liability insurance still necessary.


Cloud storage offers easy sign-up often only requiring a credit card to get started. Unfortunately, the simplicity the cloud is loved for also comes with vulnerabilities. Criminals can use the cloud to send out malicious attacks to your business. A cloud service provider that does not monitor transactions or authenticate their processes should be avoided.


The more people who have access to your cloud service provider, the greater the risk of fraud. Employees are often the number one culprits behind fraud in a business. The ability to access the cloud without proper authentication can make finding the criminal behind theft or other attacks difficult.


Ensure those who have access to the cloud storage cannot inadvertently delete, alter or hide documents. Allowing your employees read-only access with only a select few having full access may be a better way to handle your cloud data.

Orlando cyber liability insurance helps your business cover the risks associated with cloud storage. The convenient solution for many small businesses is susceptible to abuse both outside and within the company.