Types of Liability Insurance


Most people believe that the most basic and necessary type of insurance is General Liability Insurance or GLI. Its certainly the most common type of business coverage and is often required for contracted vendors. However, depending on the type of business you run this may not be the best option for liability coverage.

General Liability Insurance

GLI is a very broad type of coverage. It can protect businesses from liability associated with negligence, defective products or injuries that may occur on the premises. As the name suggests, it is generalized coverage.

Public Liability

PLI insurance is specifically designed to protect businesses from losses and property damage that are specifically caused by members of the public while they are on your site. It can also cover the cost of necessary medical treatment for members of the public if they suffered an injury while on your business grounds. Research on https://www.usrisk.com states that if the primary purpose of your business is to serve customers, then you may want to make sure you have coverage that matches your biggest liability. If you run a beauty salon, for example, where customers may be walking to different stations on slippery floors.

Workers Compensation

Some people may confuse PLI coverage with workers compensation coverage. The difference between these two is very clear. Workers compensation only covers employees, it does not cover visitors. PLI covers all visitors, including customers and any delivery personnel.