Useful Insurance Web Design Tips


insurance web design

insurance web design

When creating a website for the purpose of selling insurance, there are certain ideas and concepts that should be considered. Insurance web design can be a bit tricky, but start out with a lot of ideas and then decide which ones will work best and get the desired results. They will help narrow down those ideas and give a sense of how to make an efficient insurance agency website.


The importance of knowing who the target audience is


While it may be smart to target as many people as possible, trying to please everyone may only diminish the objective, making the site less powerful or potent than it could be.

Choose a particular audience to market to, and build a website for them. Does the agency focus on selling insurance to businesses? Then the ultimate look and feel of the website should differ from websites that focus primarily on auto and home insurance for families.


Consider the services and products being sold and focus on a target audience that might be interested in them. For example, If the agency only sells insurance locally or within the state, use photos of local or state landmarks that will make the website more attractive to people who live in the area.


Make the website attractive but don’t overdo it

Don’t make the mistake of turning the website into a billboard – mainly something to look at once and then ignore. Help make it part of the business by giving visitors and potential customers a reason to visit the site and want to come back. Whether it is to fill out a quote form, file a claim, or make a payment online, customers should be able to interact with an agent.


Offering these options online will make customers more likely to visit multiple times, allowing the agent to focus on customer service, retention and capturing new leads. Call to actions will be important for customer interaction. This will instruct customers on how to use the website properly. Use strong, clear and concise language in order to make things as easy as possible.


While it should be a multi-use tool, make it easy for customers to find which tool they want to use. The best way to do this is to create an easy to follow navigation menu to find all of the website’s features and resources. Choose a few major headings, such as “Get a Quote”, “Make a Payment” or “Contact Us”, and list the complimentary items underneath these headings. Following these suggestions can greatly enhance the insurance web design process.